How many Virtual Friends do you have on your Social Networks? Now think about with how many of them you hanged out in Real Life at least once.
Not so many, right?

Is this the future of your Social Life?

We don’t agree with this future!

That’s why we created iHook App, for a Better Sociable World.

After 3 years of social studies and over 4000 people involved we released iHook App based on Real needs and problems regarding our Social Life .

Likes, smiley faces and emoticons can’t represent real feelings. What about getting appreciated by Real people, seeing a real smile or feeling real emotions.

Too much Virtual Socialisation causes addiction, socialise more in Real Life with Real Friends!

iHook helps you to:

See People Around You

Location Chat helps you socialize more and meet new people inside the Clubs, Pubs or Cafes.

See Places & Events

See the timeline for all the Places and Events in your town in order for you to decide where to hang out.

Ask & Share

On City Chat you can ask and see real time discussions about the Social Life in your Town.

Keep your Best Friends closer

Get notify when and where your Best Friends are hanging out and join them


Your Social Life

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